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Emails in Our In-Box: Web Talks Elevate Conversations

May 27, 2017
Emails in Our In-Box: Web Talks Elevate Conversations
inbox mail iconE-mail publications tend not to invite letters to the editor in the same way that printed newspapers and magazines do. But occasionally the Wilmette Institute does receive such letters and emails. Below we share one with you. It is addressed to Dr. Robert Stockman, the Institute’s Director (and by extension to the many behind-the-scenes people that make the Institute what it is). —THE EDITORS Thanks so much, Robert.  Actually, I wanted to write to you personally to say what a wonderful job you and your staff are doing with the Wilmette Institute. My husband Jack and I have returned to our former pioneer post from over thirty years ago and are currently the custodians of the National Bahá’í Center in Lisbon, Portugal. It is especially in this setting that I have found the Web Talks and Web Seminars to be wonderful tools for deepening and becoming more involved in the discourses of society.   I enjoyed Greg Dahl’s talk on globalization and Kevin Lockes talk about fasting.  Hooshmand Badee’s talk on economics was so fascinating and really helped me understand the priorities necessary for establishing an economic system of any kind. Most recently I listened to Todd Lawson’s first talk about Islam. There were a few others I listened to—one by John Hatcher, I think. I found Todd Lawson’s talk so enlightening, especially in the current world climate. I learned a lot about our duty as Bahá’ís to make efforts on behalf of Islam. That talk is a “must share” with members of my community back home. I know you don’t need to hear it from me, but you and your staff are doing such an outstanding service not just for Bahá’ís, but your efforts foster understanding across the globe. The Wilmette Institute helps connect us to our Faith—its history and teachings and it elevates our discourse by creating opportunities to delve more deeply into spiritual concepts. Thank you all so much! For some time now I have been contemplating writing a book about the Supreme Concourse. I have taken no actual steps toward this other than to write some questions, but I was wondering if you have come across anyone who has compiled stories, quotations, and so on on this topic? Just a thought. With deepest appreciation and warmest Bahá’í greetings, Wandra Harmsen Lisbon, Portugal

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