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Exploring the New Testament

Religion, Theology & Philosophy
8 weeks
Weekly Study
Apr 14-Jun 8
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April 19, 2022

The Christian New Testament is a collection of chronicles and letters that pertain to the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, known as Christ. Composed by numerous writers, the works were accepted as a sacred collection in the third and fourth Christian centuries. In Exploring the New Testament, we will study the New Testament’s major books in the light of progressive revelation and in their historical context. We will cover the Gospels; writings attributed to James, Jude, Paul, and Peter; the Book of Revelation; and specific themes in the New Testament. We will also briefly examine the vast Christian literature that did not become part of the approved “canon” now known as the New Testament. Our study of the New Testament is for the purposes of deepening and dialogue--that is, for understanding the basics of Christianity as a divinely revealed religion (and, by comparison, the Bahá’í Faith) and for learning how to share the perspective of the Bahá’í Faith with a variety of Christians in an informed and respectful manner.

Meet Your Faculty
Ted Brownstein, MA Hebrew Studies
WI Adjunct Lecturer, Author

Learning and teaching about the oneness of religion has been the focus of my personal and academic interests. Having been turned off of religion by sectarian squabbling and rigidity, my family, going back to my grandparents on both sides, were a bit anti-religious. As a child of the 60s, I... See Faculty Bio

JoAnn Borovicka, MEd
Independent Educational Consultant

My first professional passion, the pedagogy of liberation, was turned to the area of religion in 1999 when I began a research project for a Bahá’í Local Spiritual Assembly. The purpose of the project was threefold: to collect questions related to the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures that were of the... See Faculty Bio

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