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Bringing Consultation to the Workplace

Consultation empowers effective, high performing teams. Its foundation is effective dialogue. Its result is creative decisions and success in the workplace.

Social Transformation
8 weeks
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Aug 12-Oct 6
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August 17, 2021

Offered in collaboration with the Bahá’í inspired organization ebbf (Ethical Business Building the Future,, this course aims at assisting participants to utilize the process of consultation to develop effective and high performing work teams built on the foundational assumption that unity is the key to excellence and success. The Bahá’í Writings unequivocally describe a consultative process as the most effective instrument for decision making. The implementation of guidance from the Bahá’í Writings is necessarily a learning process.

This course will address the prime requisites for members of a consultative team (including the alignment of values and effective communication skills), developing agreement on a set of rules for effective team consultation (including a shared framework and the respective roles of the team leader and team members), and the implementation of the consultation-action-reflection cycles.

Participants in the course will explore how Bahá’í consultation may be presented to colleagues, how to distinguish it from other decision-making practices, and what are effective steps for incorporating it into business operations.

Note: The course will feature video interviews with Bahá’í business leaders and authors in a variety of different professions. Interviewees include Michael Burke (Author, Moving Beyond Compromise), Françoise LeGoffe (International Red Cross), Lawrence Miller (Author, more info at, Nishat Ruiter (TED Conferences, LLC), Layli Miller-Muro (Tahirih Justice Center), and Payam Zamani (One Planet Group,

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

This course will be useful for entrepreneurs, employees at all levels of management, students of business, board/committee members including Local Spiritual Assemblies, and families.

What will you learn?
You will learn
To learn about the nature of Baha’i consultation, its prime requisites and its necessary ground rules
To explore the conditions under which Baha’i consultation may be applicable in a business environment and how to implement it at the workplace
To explore appropriate ways to introduce consultation to colleagues or team members
Meet Your Faculty
Gary Reusche, PhD
Co-Manager, Virtues Project in Ukraine; Rural Development Specialist

Gary is a social and economic development worker living in Ukraine. Combining a PhD in agricultural science with an MBA in management, he managed projects in Central America, Africa, South Asia and the ex-Soviet Union. During the past 20 years, Gary used consultation in his work and teams. While working... See Faculty Bio

Mehran Ferdowsian, DM
Adjunct Professor of Business & Leadership, Sidhu School of Business & Leadership Wilkes University

Thirty seven years of demonstrated and progressive industry experience. This experience includes: (1) international startups in Malaysia, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean; (2) automation and engineering management, (3) small business management; and (4) organization and workforce development. At present, I have two areas of responsibility. First, I’m a professor of... See Faculty Bio

Michael Burke
WI Adjunct Faculty

Mike Burke had an extensive career in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and private occupational education sectors. Educated as a chemist, he started as a laboratory scientist and moved into corporate administration, eventually holding positions as vice-president, COO, and CEO in several companies. For the last decade of his career he... See Faculty Bio

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