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Ian Kluge, "The Baha'i Proofs for God"

Feb 1, 2015
Ian Kluge,
`Abdu’l-Baha states, “The Existence of the Divine Being hath been clearly established on the basis of logical proofs, but the reality of the Godhead is beyond the grasp of the mind” (Selections from the Writings of `Abdu’l-Baha, p. 46) and in Some Answered Questions (p. 5) he devotes an entire chapter to “Proofs and Evidences for the Existence of God.” In this presentation, I shall explicate the various proofs given in the Writings and relate them to well-publicized debates on this issue. I will explicate the Baha’i proofs to show their validity and relevance. Read a summary of Mr. Kluge’s talk available here Logical Errors in Four Atheist Authors PDF here

Ian Kluge, MA, ABD

Independent Scholar

I am an independent philosophy scholar dedicated to studying the philosophical aspects of the Bahá’í Writings as well as correlating the Writings with major contemporary and past thinkers as recommended by Shoghi Effendi (“Scholarship,” p. 4; p. 17). I am committed to  Mortimer Adler’s assertion that “Philosophy is everybody’s business” and that, knowingly or not, everyone is a philosopher. During my high school teaching career, I developed a program to integrate philosophy into the subjects I taught: Comparative Civilization, English and modern History. I  enjoy helping others initiate their own philosophical studies of the Bahá’í Writings.See Faculty Bio


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