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An Easy New Way to Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Mar 30, 2021
screenshot of WI website footer showing new Newsletter signup feature

Who the Newsletter is for. The Wilmette Institute is striving to manifest the watchword of the Baháʼí Faith—”unity in diversity”—in all the aspects of its functioning. We want to reach people of all backgrounds who are contributing towards building a united and just society as envisioned by Bahá’u’lláh.

How to subscribe. Just go to the footer of our website (any page, including this one), type in your name and email address, and click or tap the Subscribe button.

Already subscribed? How you can help. Refer a friend or colleague to our website/Newsletter. You can invite anyone involved in academic, community building and/or artistic work for social justice, whether they are enrolled Baháʼís or friends of the Faith. All may be interested in the webinars, community courses, and articles we offer to the public.

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