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"We, the World's" Climate Collaboratory and Wilmette Institute

Feb 28, 2020

by Sue Blythe

WE logo

On the February 18 “Welcome to WE!” Show, Chitra Golestani, Wilmette Institute’s Associate Director, shared her perspective on Community Building and Climate Action in MLK’s “World House.” She joined video recording artist Nimo Patel of Empty Hands Music and Corey Harnish of FunFunding, a game-based fundraising platform. Each discussed how their own area of expertise contributes to a sustainable, just and peaceful future. Chitra introduced the Wilmette Institute courses and web talks and the Bahá’í-inspired Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program.

“We, the World” aims to unite and amplify the efforts of people, organizations and global movements working for the common good. Each month the Welcome to WE! Show asks, What can WE do together that we cannot do on our own? Rick Ulfik, founder of We, the World and Karen Palmer, known as “Miss Kindness” and the “Mindful Media Mom,” help to engage individuals and organizations in the network of networks in the movement of movements for a world that works for all. 

Screenshot of panelists on February Welcome to WE show
February 18, 2020 “Welcome to WE” panelists. Clockwise from top left: Karen Palmer, Rick Ulfik, Sue Blythe, Nimo Patel, Corey Harnish, Chitra Golestani.
Sue Blythe

Sue Blythe, a Bahá’í inspired by Wilmette Institute’s courses on Climate Change and Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue, coordinates We, the World’s Climate Collaboratory. The goal of the Climate Collaboratory is to inspire local action plans for the global celebrations of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary in April, Earth Charter’s 20th Anniversary in June, 11 Days of Global Unity in September and the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary in October.  Action plans become part of a collaborative storytelling climate action adventure, On the Road through 2020, 2030, 2050 and Beyond. 

Together, we are laying the foundation for playing the Sustainable World Games in 2020-21 so we can win the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. For more information, contact Sue Blythe:

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