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Upcoming Maintenance Period for Moodle Site

Sep 22, 2023
Screenshot showing what the Moodle 4.1 Home page looks like (to an Administrator--there are a few additional links which Learners will not see).

Update: 1:40 pm Eastern Time, Monday 25 September

The planned upgrade has been successfully completed! You can now log in and access your course(s). We hope you like the new look. There may be further changes in appearance as we work with the new platform.

Please note the location of “My Courses” has changed from the left column to the top of the Moodle Home Page (see first screenshot linked below). The left and right columns are now collapsed by default, and those columns are easily opened using the icons at the top left and right respectively (as marked on screenshots).

If you have questions about the new layout, please contact the Office of Student Services:, or register in advance to attend the Registrar’s Tuesday Tutorial, here:

Screenshot #1 (Moodle Home Page)

Screenshot showing the updated Moodle 4.1 Home Page, with annotations in red for finding "My Courses" at the top of the page, for opening the right hand navigation column, and in blue showing the new location of the Dashoard link.

Screenshot #2 (a Classroom page)

Screenshot of a section of a Classroom page showing 1. the closed left hand navigation column (left side of screenshot), 2. the column as it appears when opened (right side of screenshot), and a note explaining that links in the left navigation column now go directly to the page in question.

Original post

The Moodle site (Wilmette Institute’s Online Learning Center) is scheduled to undergo maintenance and upgrade to Moodle 4.1, starting at 10 pm Eastern Time on Sunday, September 24th. It will remain in maintenance mode until 10 am on Monday, September 25th.


Hasti Khoshnammanesh, MSc

Hasti is a passionate advocate for education and community service. She holds a Master's degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (Education) from the State University of New York at Buffalo and serves at the Wilmette Institute as a Digital Support Associate, utilizing her expertise in education and technology for the institution's growth. Originally from Iran, Hasti faced barriers to higher education common among Bahá'í youth in her home country. She overcame these challenges by studying at Bahá'í Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) and earning a degree in English Linguistics and Literature. Hasti has shared her educational journey and advocacy for Bahá'í education rights in various media, campaigns, and academic journals. Having spent 17 years in Brazil, she obtained a second Bachelor's degree in Education (Pedagogy) and expanded her knowledge during a two-year stint in Australia, focusing on Social Work. For ten years, she dedicated herself to educating students at the School of the Nations in Brasilia, Brazil, particularly in the Moral Education and Global Citizenship department. Her work involved teaching values and virtues and aligning with the school's mission to cultivate students into global citizens rooted in academic and ethical excellence.See Faculty Bio


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