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20th anniversary

Time to Put the Three Remaining Web Talks on Your Calendar

Aug 31, 2015
Time to Put the Three Remaining Web Talks on Your Calendar
After September’s two Web Talks, only three more will mark the Wilmette Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary. Be sure to add them to your calendar. The remaining talks include: October 18: Dr. Sovaida Maani Ewing, “Building a World Federation: The Key to Solving Our Global Crises” November 15: Dr. Steve Friberg, “Science and Religion” December 6: Dr. Michael Penn, “The Nature of the Human Mind: A Bahá’í Perspective” The Web Talks are given on Sundays, and all begin at 2 p.m. East Standard Time; 11 a.m. Pacific; 7 p.m. GMT U.K.; 8 p.m. Western Europe. Click here for information on the Web Talks and the speakers. You will also find links to and PowerPoints for previous talks: “The Face of God Among Us” by Dr. John Hatcher; “The Bahá’í Proofs for God” by Ian Kluge; “Where Spirit Intersects Art” by Dr. Anne Perry; “God and Apple Pie: Religious Myths and Visions of America” by Dr. Christopher Buck; “The Re-Creation and Utilization of a Community’s Memories: Shoghi Effendi and Bahá’í History” by Dr. Moojan Momen; and “Windows on Divine Wisdom: Accessing the Meaning of Divine Revelation” by Dr. Sandra Hutchison; and “Healthy, Unified Marriages as Service to Humanity” by Susanne M Alexander.

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