Three Students Invite Local Faith Communities to Climate Change Program

Jul 31, 2023
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Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Course: Climate Change
Faculty Mentor: Christine Muller

Three Bahá’ís–Dan Cooper, Mike Moum, and Jackie Downey–took the course on Climate Change and decided to organize a program about the issue. They sent an email to nine pastors in the Casper, Wyoming area saying that they are studying climate change with the “Wilmette Institute of the Bahá’í Faith” and would like to join with faith communities to share what they are learning and to explore paths for action that everyone can take together. They said that the meeting would begin with a slide presentation about what they learned in the course, followed by discussion and planning for future actions. They attached a poster. 

The presentation was held at the United Church of Christ on Saturday morning, July 15, followed by a potluck lunch. Eleven people participated: five from the Bahá’í community, two from the United Church of Christ, two from the Unitarian Universalist church, and two from the Presbyterian church. The Bahá’ís presented a slide show and then had questions and discussions. Dan Cooper reported that “we were preaching to the choir; everyone there was concerned about climate change and seeking spiritual action.” The group plans to start an Interfaith Power and Light chapter or affiliate, there being none in Wyoming. They plan to have another meeting in September when more people will be available.

See PDF copy of the Casper, Wyoming slideshow here.



Daniel Cooper, Casper, WY

I am a retired electrical engineer. I have been learning about climate change for 65 years and have become increasingly concerned. I enjoy hiking, Nordic skiing, cycling, driving my light EV, and living with my wife Jennie in our passive solar home.

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