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The Shrine of the Báb: Recent Research Findings on its Establishment, Completion and Embellishment

Nov 30, 2019
video screenshot for webinar with Michael Day on the Shrine of the Bab

During research that led to an historical trilogy, author Michael V. Day looked for answers to his own questions about the story of the Shrine of the Báb. Among the topics of his interest were the following:

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Michael V. Day

Michael V. Day has had five books on Baháʼí history published, has another awaiting publication and two more underway. All focus on the Baháʼí World Centre. He was editor of the Baháʼí World New Service in Haifa (2003-2006) where he wrote histories of many Baháʼí communities celebrating golden anniversaries. He has written Baháʼí historical articles for Baháʼí Blog, Baháʼí Teachings, Australian Baháʼí Report (external), The Australian Baháʼí (internal), Herald of the South, and the New Zealand Baháʼí newsletter. Michael has edited two Baháʼí history books. He was briefly a lawyer, and then a journalist from 1978 to 2002 including as reporter, feature writer, editor and foreign correspondent. He was a Baháʼí external affairs journalist in his native New Zealand and in Australia where he has lived since 1988. His most recent role was ministerial foreign affairs advisor. Michael now writes Baháʼí history full-time. Website:

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