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The Art of Widening the Circle

Jun 30, 2020
The Art of Widening the Circle

Course: The Seven Valleys and the Arts of Transformation (2019)

I greatly enjoyed the Seven Valleys and the Arts of Transformation. I have always included the arts in the various Core Activities, Holy Day celebrations, Feast and local public activities when possible. I recently started my own “The Word in Art” courses on a private Facebook page that I created on April 14th 2020. We started our first 6-week course on “The Reality of Man” and currently have nine participants, two of whom are not Bahá’ís.

I hosted artist retreats for 30+ years and am happy to start these new Facebook courses. I’m always encouraging participants to share the arts with their families, friends, and communities. One of my dear friends Gayle is also taking the Wilmette Institute course “The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts,” and we are inviting others to join as well.

Editors’ Note: The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts started on June 25, and late registration will close Thursday, July 2 at 11:59 pm Central Time.



Patricia (Pattie) Lacefield

Pattie is a singer/songwriter, ukulele/guitar player, performer. Before Covid, she created and hosted artist retreats for 30+ years. Pattie loves many forms of artistic expressions: 'Word Play’ which she created and uses in her retreats, collage, painting, blackout poetry, nature arts, nature sculptures, dance/movement…

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