"Seize thy chance..."

Apr 27, 2021
Garden at Bahji, Israel where the shrine of Baha'u'llah is located

Course: The Great Spirit Speaks: Voice of the Wise Ones
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Buck

Editor’s Note: This was John Fetzek’s first course with the Wilmette Institute. Below are some of his reflections on his learning, which he shared in his Learning Self Assessment. The Institute is always happy to hear from first-time learners, and we wish John all the best as he grows (literally and figuratively) and serves his community in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

I am an organic eagle spirit in that my natural inclination is to be drawn to flight, and I revel in the beautiful panorama. My challenge for growth is to grow corn with task completion in “down to earth” details of the diligence of the mouse, ant or earthworm. This course has given me many tools of knowledge and detail to apply in love and action amongst the people. I need not discard nor minimize my nature–only fortify, strengthen and balance my service to provide bushels of corn to our people.

I entered this course with a love for the truth and beauty of Indigenous cultures, wisdom and people. But an affinity and appreciation from a photo of the Grand Canyon is not the same as living and breathing for two months, 24/7, within those majestic walls of mystical wonderment. Having a rudimentary awareness of canvas and paint does not equate to a masterpiece of unimagined creativity. This course is a stepping stone on the way to living this wonderment in experiential and participatory contribution to such grandeur as Bahá’u’lláh and our blessed Faith beckons us. The depth and breadth of the Indigenous sacred divinity and wisdom across this Western Hemisphere, partial and beleaguered as it may be, is still far beyond what I had conceived. 

The specificity and detail of the course materials, the depth of information and knowledge availed is astounding, and I am most grateful. The course has helped me  think critically. Not having taken a course with a  “formal structure” in over 40 years, this was a welcomed nudge of intellectual attunement.

The overwhelming experience of the instructors showed me a paradise of inconceivable spiritual beauty I can genuinely state this learning experience has been transformative. It has shown me my life’s purpose; it represents my soul’s DNA and a treasure map of my spiritual sojourn of steps made sacred. 

AHO!!!!!!! [Literally, “thank you” in the language of the Kiowa – indigenous people of the Great Plains of the United States.]

I will offer in respectful sharing  truths gleaned from the course materials. It is my hope that this will lead  to the awakening of our own Bahá’í brethren as well as any receptive soul. In prayer and humility, may I be found  worthy of further and deepened relationships and exchanges amongst the rightful “homelanders” of Turtle Island. May I be assisted to sweep away the clouds, and alert the slumbering to the rising Sun of the Ancient of Days. He has come!

“Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.”

Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words Part 2 (from the Persian) #40




John Fetzek

I am second generation "American." My maternal grandparents are from Sweden. My paternal grandparents are from Slovakia. All but two of my 66 years have been lived in Minnesota. I signed my card declaring my belief in Bahá'u'lláh at midnight on March 2, 1992.

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