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Tips for Sustainable Living

Save and Reuse your Produce Bags

Therefore strive that your actions day by day may be beautiful prayers.


Plastic bags are very polluting. They can kill wildlife that mistakes them for food. Moreover, they disintegrate into tiny particles and end up staying in the environment and entering the food chain. Plastic bags are a real problem for recycling operations because they get snagged in recycling machines. Or, the wind carries them away from the landfills.

Some supermarkets have plastic bag collection bins right inside their entrance door. But the best way to address this problem is to reduce the number of bags you use. When you have used the vegetables or the bagels you brought home in a plastic bag, you can rinse and let the bag air dry. It’s not much work, but it is important to dry the bag completely to avoid bacteria growth. So also turn it inside out to dry. In this way, you can reuse the plastic bag many times. You can take it back to the grocery store and use it for your next vegetable purchase. You can also use it in your kitchen instead of plastic wrap to cover left overs or to wrap a sandwich.

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