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Roya Akhavan, Tahirih: Beyond Emancipation

Aug 19, 2018
Roya Akhavan, Tahirih: Beyond Emancipation

Previous research on the life and contributions of Táhirih has long framed her as a herald of emancipation for women. Based on an in-depth study of Táhirih’s own poetic discourse as well as the Bahá’í writings, this presentation will focus on illuminating the true meaning of Táhirih’s symbolic actions, including her removal of the veil at Badasht. The primary thesis of this presentation is that Táhirih’s role and station in human and religious history goes far beyond being a herald of emancipation for women.



Roya Akhavan

Dr. Roya Akhavan currently serves as Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Mass Communications, St. Cloud State University. Her research in the field of mass communication extends into a range of related areas, including international affairs and peace studies. She has held leadership positions as V.P. for International Marketing at CVSC in China, and as Chair of her academic department in Minnesota. Dr. Akhavan is a frequent speaker on global issues at national and international forums and radio and television programs. Her most recent work is a book entitled "Peace for Our Planet: A New Approach."

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