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Relationships and Marriage Section 
Coordinator: Susanne M. Alexander

Parenting and Family Section 
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2018 Courses (1st Term)

NEW COURSE: Exploring Friendship, Dating, and Courtship
01/08/18 to 02/05/18

NEW COURSE: Nurturing Your Baby Spiritually During Pregnancy
02/05/18 to 03/18/18

NEW COURSE: Enhancing Love and Friendship in Your Marriage
02/12/18 to 03/12/18

2018 Courses (2nd Term)

NEW COURSE: Helping Children Navigate Media and Screen Time
05/07/18 to 06/10/18

Conscious Parenting of Young Children
06/04/18 to 07/08/18

2018 Courses (3rd Term)

Making Time and Service Choices as a Couple
07/08/18 to 07/30/18

2018 Courses (4th Term)

NEW COURSE: Fostering a Bahá’í Identity in Children
09/03/18 to 10/28/18

Consulting As a Couple
09/17/18 to 10/08/18

“Sharing The Twin Birthdays with Children” has been cancelled but will run in 2019

NEW COURSE: Building Intercultural Understanding as a Couple
10/22/18 to 11/19/18

NEW COURSE: Communication Skills for Spiritually Minded Parents
10/29/18 to 12/16/18


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