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Reflections on the Pace of Change

Jun 30, 2020
Woman holding a letter with a seal

Course: Three World Order of Bahá’u’lláh Letters (2020)

I learned in the World Order Letters course that each letter from Shoghi Effendi offers a deep pool of reflection and insight.  I did not realize how much the decade of the 1930’s was so similar to ours. I appreciated the opportunity to reflect more deeply on this, and how much the past 70 years has led us to the core activities of the Five Year Plan.  This subject and Shoghi Effendi’s letters were not easy topics so I had to really think deeply about the last century. But, I reflected more deeply on our modern history and gained a new perspective on how painfully slowly the world’s peoples are changing.

I read each learning objective and wanted to answer each one of the insightful questions, but did not have time.  To honor and learn from my fellow participants, one of my goals was to read all of the posts.  I think I achieved about 90% of this goal.  I was not able to create a PowerPoint to present to our community, but still hope to incorporate the learning in some other way.  I also hope to share what I learned when I converse with people who are not Bahá’ís.  



Charlotte Wenninger (Facilitator)

Charlotte Wenninger has been a Bahá’í for over 30 years and has always been interested in the topic of the harmony of science and religion. She has served in many capacities in her local Bahá’í community and participated in interfaith dialogue in her home town of Prince George, BC.  She is married, raised four daughters and currently has ten grandchildren. Charlotte works in health services as an administrator and has an Instructors Diploma.

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