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Learner Shares Optimism for New World Order

Jun 29, 2020
Baha'i Lotus Temple Illustration

Course: Three World Order of Baha’u’llah Letters (2020)

My goal to broaden my understanding of the Bahá’í Faith and Bahá’u’lláh’s writings most definitely happened in the World Order Letters course, and even exceeded my expectations. My belief in the Bahá’í Faith has grown stronger from this course. I wanted to have a thorough enough understanding of the New World Order of Bahá’u’lláh to be able to teach and field questions from Bahá’ís and inquisitive minds, and I think I achieved that.

I have learned how to interpret Bahá’u’lláh and Shoghi Effendi’s writings better. Picking up on certain examples, learning context, and studying their history has helped me gain a deeper understanding of who they were. I value how much they have done to ensure that people—or as many as possible who will listen—will understand the importance of their words and how we need to heed these lessons in order to create a more perfect world.

In these letters, it seems like there was always a duality in everything they were saying. Although the world seems bleak and nations are not coming together in unity, at least small steps are being made. Even though tensions between the world’s religions are high, at least their foundations are centered on love for all mankind—for those that choose to pay attention. There is always positive, even in the most devastating circumstances. I became a lot more optimistic about the future. Even though we are dealing with this Coronavirus crisis, learning about what needs to be done to create the New World Order made me see that we are inching closer to a more just world.

I wasn’t able to respond to many discussions, but the videos helped give me a good background of the sections we were going through. I plan to use all the resources provided to lead our deepening class, record and present my final PowerPoint in my devotional circle, and share—with my book 2 and book 3 Ruhi classes—some of the important points we discussed. I will post the PowerPoint on my YouTube channel, advertise it on my Facebook page, and adapt it for a younger audience.



Sarah Battaglia

Sarah is a Dominican University of California graduate in Post-Modern American History. She is currently enrolled in a teaching preparation program to get her teaching credential so she can inspire the youth to achieve their highest potential. Participating in deepenings, hosting devotionals and facilitating teaching programs for youth in the Bahá’í community, have solidified her understanding that teaching is her true calling.

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