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Obtaining Credit from your University for a WI Course

Since 1999 both undergraduate and graduate students have arranged credit for Wilmette Institute courses through their institutions of higher education, some receiving credit for more than one course.

The following are steps we recommend for pursuing academic credit for a WI course.

1. Check the catalog of your college or university regarding transfer credit. Be sure to check to see if your college or university allows for independent study.

2. Consult with your department head or advisor to determine the steps required to receive transfer credit.

3. Contact Dr. Robert Stockman or Dr. Chitra Golestani to learn about how your course complies with higher education standards in the U.S. They will work with you to make sure your work meets your school’s academic standards in terms of quantity and quality.

If you are not enrolled in a degree program, we invite you to register to audit the course.

The Wilmette Institute is not currently an accredited/degree granting institution so we cannot award you credit for the course on our own terms. What we are offering is a course at the university level which may be accepted for credit towards a degree or postgraduate certificate program at your home institution at your request.

If you already have an undergraduate or graduate degree, and wish to take the course at either the undergraduate or the graduate level and obtain a transcript with a letter-grade, please reach out to Dr. Stockman (Bahá’í History and Texts courses) or Dr. Golestani (Social Transformation courses) to obtain approval to proceed with your registration.

A Note About Fees

If the Wilmette Institute does not have an agreement with your institution, you may be eligible for tuition support (a scholarship). A partially refundable application fee of US $50 (which goes toward tuition) is required. The current tuition fee is US $225 per credit hour ($675 for a 3-credit course). University-level students are eligible for needs-based tuition support ranging from approximately 25 to 55 percent of tuition.

If the Wilmette Institute has an agreement with your institution, different financial arrangements will apply.  


Religion, Theology, and Bahá’í History and Texts

Robert Stockman, ThD
Phone: (847) 337-7750

Social Transformation

Chitra Golestani, PhD
Phone: (310) 780-3242


Nicola Daniels, MSc
Phone: (847) 733-3466

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