Nicola (Niki) Daniels

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Niki Daniels studied Biochemistry at the University of the West Indies, worked at the Police Forensic Lab in Kingston, and obtained a Masters in Forensic Chemistry through a scholarship from the British Government. That scholarship, alongside Niki’s experience in groups such as the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company and the National Chorale, opened the door for a position with the British Council Caribbean as Arts & Education Officer. When the Council downsized its local operations Niki was appointed Manager of the British Council in Jamaica.

In 2000, Niki accepted an invitation from a Bahá’í acquaintance to attend a Fireside. After a few months of investigation, she became a Bahá’í. Niki has served on the Local Spiritual Assembly of Kingston and the National Spiritual Assembly of Jamaica. She also served on the National Teaching Committee. In 2007, while on Bahá’í Pilgrimage in Haifa, Niki met Julian. They were married the following year and Niki has since made South Carolina her home.

Niki was a participant in the first Wilmette Institute Science & Religion course in Spring 2008, and has since served as faculty on that course, and several others. In March 2012, Niki gave a presentation on World Peace at the annual Peace Conference hosted by Lander University in Greenwood, SC. This experience, along with insights gleaned from Ruhi Junior Youth Animator training, inspired her to create a board game called Heart to Heart.

Niki is currently a member of the Wilmette Institute Board. She also works part-time for the Wilmette Institute. A lover of all religions, especially of religious writings, she has been an enthusiastic participant in the Interfaith movement in South Carolina. In her spare time she does crochet, enjoys walks to the lake, takes photographs of the beautiful South Carolina landscape, and posts illustrated scriptural quotations on her website:

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