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Highlights from April Newsletter

Screenshot of top of Baha'i Theology Classroom Page1. Wilmette Institute University Initiative: Bulletin 3—Courses for Credit Now Available

The Wilmette Institute is happy to announce its plans for offering courses for credit in its Summer and Fall 2019 terms. Each term will feature two courses designed to meet standards for university credit:

Summer Term. The two course for the Summer Term (mid-June through August) are on the topics of Islam and Baha’i Theology—registration for both opens on May 1, 2019:

  • Introduction to Islam (June 1–Aug. 23, 2019). The course covers the life of Muhammad, the revelation of the Qur’an, basic Islamic teachings and practices, the differences between Shí‘i and Sunni Islam, and the development of Islamic society and civilization from 622 CE to the present.
  • Bahá’í Theology (June 5–Aug. 27, 2019). The course looks at concepts of God, revelation, Manifestation, the nature of human beings, physical creation, and philosophical questions, such as how we can know something (epistemology).


Screenshot showing where to click to star a course

2. Moodle Upgrade: Four Features to Enhance Your Learning Experience

With the Wilmette Institute’s March 2019 upgrade to Moodle 3.6, you may have already discovered changes. For example, the course pages look different. But there are also new features you will want to check out. Below are four features designed to help learners and faculty-mentors communicate more easily and effectively. The Wilmette Institute hopes you like the upgrade as much as it does.—THE EDITORS

The new features include: 1. Video and Audio Posts; 2. The Multifaceted Dashboard; 3. Moodle Messaging (video); and 4. Searching for That Forgotten Post in a Forum. For a summary of the Dashboard features, here’s an annotated screenshot of a typical Dashboard.


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