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Highlights from September Newsletter

1. Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual: “I Am No Longer a Purely Social Bahá’í”

Judy RussellA Bahá’í for forty-six years, an assistant to an Auxiliary Board member for protection, and a veteran of sixteen Wilmette Institute courses, Judy Russell from Prescott, Arizona, USA, has found that the course Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual 2018 is an ongoing learning experience. She is a part-time writing tutor at Yavapai Community College in Prescott and teaches a children’s class at her apartment complex. Her interests include working with youth to “carry forward an ever-advancing civilization”; studying the Bahá’í Faith with the Wilmette Institute; subjects related to the Five Year Plan; climate change (the course on that topic is one of her sixteen courses); and racial justice. But what about the ongoing-ness of her learning experience? In May 2018, when Judy finished the course on Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual, she posted a Learning Self-Assessment. Then In July she sent additional comments. Read on to see what she has written about her learnings in the course.—THE EDITORS

2. Registering for a Wilmette Institute Course on Your Mobile Device: A New Service

You may already know that Wilmette Institute courses can be accessed on iPads and smartphones. As explained on the Frequently Asked Questions page:

You can read everything on the Moodle learning website on your smartphone and on your iPad and other kinds of readers, such as Kindle and Google Tablet. Moodle has apps for both Apple and Android devices (see or visit your App Store). Many of the readings for the course are posted as PDF files, which can be easily downloaded to your device.

But did you know that the Wilmette Institute has now implemented mobile registration by credit card? Read about how to do that here . . .

3. A Personal Discovery: How Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice Guide Us in Unfolding ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Divine Plan

Mona Akhavan, a Iranian Bahá’í living in Melbourne, Australia, a mother of three, and a new grandmother, took advantage of the Wilmette Institute’s free course for a first-time learner and selected The Advent of Divine Justice to study. A registered nurse who works with thirteen- to eighteen-year-olds in a child and adolescent inpatient unit, Mona loves her work but is frustrated by having to teach teens indirectly. Drawing on her ingenuity, she has laminated several Bahá’í quotations and put them in her “good-morning group folder” from which they are often selected to be posted on the wall as the daily quotation. In The Advent of Divine Justice course, perhaps Mona’s biggest challenge was that English is her second language. As many will attest, Shoghi Effendi’s writings can be a challenge even for those whose first language is English. Mona’s story is one of perseverance, which rewarded her with a greater understanding of both the writings of Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice. Here, in her own words, is how her story unfolded.—THE EDITORS

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