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Highlights from January eNewsletter

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities logo1. Renewed Partnership with United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

The Wilmette Institute has renewed its partnership with United, which allows Bahá’ís to pursue a variety of religious studies degrees and include Wilmette Institute courses in them. READ MORE>>

Wilmette logo2. We Still Need Your Help

While we have the funding to cover our efforts to make Wilmette Institute courses available for college credit, we do NOT have the revenue to continue our non-credit courses and Web Talks. Tuition alone cannot supply the income for them and so far we’ve received only $30,000 from our generous supporters. Please assist us by sending a check or making an online contribution. READ MORE>>

3. Strengthening Married Individuals: Anonymous Registration opens soon

Because relationships courses can involve very personal matters, anonymous registration for those courses is now available, for those who need it. READ MORE>>

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