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Highlights from June Newsletter: Two Letters to the Editor

“How Much I have Learned from the Wilmette Institute”

Doris Bogardus has taken a few Wilmette Institute courses over the years, but, since May 2017, she has taken five courses. We suggest that you google the “hugelkultur beds” that she mentions below. Besides being a fun word to say aloud, it is an amazing type of gardening.—THE EDITORS

I have been a Bahá’í for forty years. With the help of the Wilmette Institute I have learned more in this last year about the Faith than all the other years combined. Just wish I could remember all of it. I have three children, five grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Trying to be a snow bird, now in Florida near Gainesville. Hope to turn each of the two acres I have—one in upstate New York and one in Florida—into food forests. Starting with small hugelkultur beds. Planning to take part in a Bahá’í summer of service project in June.—DORINDA (DORIS) BOGARDUS

“Climate Change Now a Part of Local Activities”

After the Wilmette Institute published its April 2018 issue of its eNewsletter, which featured the Climate Change course as its first course for April, it received the following email. Winnie Merritt took the course in 2015 and is still putting to good use what she learned in it.—THE EDITORS

The Climate Change course continues to have ramifications in High Point, North Carolina. Spurred on by the recent letters from our Institutions, . . . our Spiritual Assembly has formed a standing Climate Change Committee. Two of us have already visited our Parks and Recreation Department public forum to ask for energy and water-saving activity. We are visiting our local Recycling Center this week. At each Feast we will have a very brief education time. Warmest greetings to each of the souls who keep this course going.—WINNIE MERRITT

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