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Learner plans to speak at City Council meeting in support of land acknowledgement

Nov 29, 2021
City of Gladstone City Seal

Note on image: The city seal shown above shows the pow wow tree—a large maple—where some indigenous tribes met each summer for horse racing and other activities.

Course: The Great Spirit Speaks: Voices of the Wise Ones (June, 2021)
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Locke

Editor’s note: Although this learner was not able to complete her course, she has been finding ways to apply the knowledge she has learned, and plans to take the course again next time (free of charge—a service offered by the Institute to all learners in this situation).

I had to stop attending the course because of a significant family loss. However, I have continued using the newly learned prayers during devotionals and other meetings. I have spent more time in contact with local indigenous people, often just over Zoom. I have signed up to speak at our local City Council’s next meeting to support the suggestion to add land acknowledgement to their agenda for discussion. (They voted the suggestion down by 1 vote at the last meeting).

Following the death of George Floyd, the Bahá’ís in Gladstone, OR, started an anti-racism online support group for Gladstone residents. Members of this group may be joining me in educating the council members about the need to not just discuss this vital issue but to adopt it as part of their process.

I am hoping to take the full course when it becomes available again.



Leslie Myers

Leslie Myers is a member of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Gladstone, OR. "First Wilmette class I've taken, very exciting."

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