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July: A Month of Transitions

May 30, 2023
July: A Month of Transitions

by Robert Stockman

The Wilmette Institute has no courses scheduled to start in the month of July so that it can focus its attention onto three important software changes. The first involves our Moodle course delivery platform. We plan to move our Moodle system from a private hosting service to a major Moodle partner, who will be able to provide better security and maintenance services and will be able to assist our staff in learning how to use Moodle better. They will also upgrade our Moodle from version 3.9 to 4.2, which has new features and fewer bugs.

Our second software transition involves moving our WordPress public website from a private hosting platform to the Bahá’í National Center’s platform. This move will also provide the Wilmette Institute with better support for its software.

We anticipate that these transitions will be seamless and will involve only a few hours of downtime. They should greatly improve our service.

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