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Interfaith Dialogue as Service to Humanity

May 30, 2021
Displays at information centre at the Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India Wikimedia Commons

Image: Displays at information center at the Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India Wikimedia Commons

Course: Interfaith Dialogue and Collaboration (2021)
Faculty Mentor: Ted Brownstein

I learned a lot from this course about having healthy interfaith communication and collaboration. I successfully shared with some of my Christian family and friends that I have become a Bahá’í. They all seemed to respect my choice. I struggle with my husband’s lack of acceptance that an interfaith marriage can be healthy and “normal.” However, I was able to present my perspectives as a Bahá’í to him.

One of the biggest insights I have gained in this class is the true definition of pluralism and the view of it as a positive thing that is growing in our world. My background in the Baptist Church and my education as a religion major at a Baptist college taught that pluralism was a bad thing. I see how extreme that view is—pluralism truly benefits our world!

I have improved my ability to confidently talk with people of other belief systems and confidently share my perspective focusing on all we have in common.

I intend to apply what I have learned by engaging in an interfaith youth organization, and using my skill for teaching and conversing with teens by teaching them to be tolerant, mindful and respectful of each person’s perspectives and beliefs. By helping them learn these skills, I will accompany them in service to humanity.



Lauren King

Lauren is a homeschooling mom of three children and a teacher and Assistant Director of a local Homeschool Cooperative. She worked in Christian ministry for 10 years serving inner city youth in Knoxville, TN. She recently declared as a Bahá’í, and now serves on her LSA. She still lives in Knoxville with her husband, Stephen and children Ember, Jeremiah, and Ashlyn. Lauren enjoys art, singing, and writing.

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