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Interfaith Devotional and Climate Conversation Workshop

Sep 20, 2020
Interfaith Devotional Flyer

Host: Sue Blythe

Sponsors: Bahá’ís of Alachua County, FL, Bahá’í-inspired Interfaith Climate Group, Wilmette Institute

In this workshop, participants were invited to:
*Explore sacred writings and climate statements from the world’s religions.
*Write and share Reflections on what they saw and heard.

Readers for the devotional program were (in reading order):
Kian Bahin-Aein
Mateen Kashef
Ceridwen Anghaie
Niki Daniels

Video Recording Links

Interfaith Devotional (29 minutes)

Sue Blythe Breakout Room + Plenary Discussion (43 minutes)

Matteen Kashef Breakout Room (18 minutes)

Ceridwen Anghaie Breakout Room (12.5 minutes)

Resources for Interfaith Climate Conversation to Action (PDF, 1 page)

Interfaith Devotional and Climate Conversations (YouTube playlist)



Sue Blythe

Sue is grateful to have eight healthy, happy grandchildren.  She says, "I'm doing what I can to create a sustainable, just and peaceful future for my great-great-grandchildren."  Sue coordinates the Climate Collaboratory, a pilot project with We, the World and the University of Florida Extension.  The Baha'i-inspired Interfaith Climate Group is central to the intergenerational Florida Climate Conversation to Action Program.


Matteen Kashef

Matteen Kashef is entering dental school at University of Florida, in Gainesville, Florida. He has recently completed his bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences, with a minor in Health Disparities in Society. As he moves forward further into the healthcare setting, he has become more cognizant of the waste that is accumulated. Why is it that there is so much dental waste? What are some ways to reorient our mindset and be more environmentally conscious? And further, what can inspire this new approach to reducing waste and being more sensible for our next generation of healthcare professionals?


Ceridwen Anghaie

Ceridwen is a young musician who is interested in the topic of climate change.


Kian Bahin-Aein

Kian Bahin-Aein is from Arizona. He is a student of Transformative Learning in the Wilmette Institute's fledgling youth program.

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