Learner Gains Hope that Humanity Will Achieve Economic Justice

Mar 30, 2022
Carol Curtis with newly-wed couple Melissa and Marson Ralpho

Photo: Carol Curtis with newly-wed couple Melissa and Marson Ralpho, in the Marshall Islands

Course: Economic Justice in a World of Injustices
Faculty Mentor: Jean Parker
Student: Carol Curtis

While taking the course Economic Justice in a World of Injustices and reading the materials, I gained a deeper understanding of how the teachings and laws of the Bahá’í Writings will eventually lead to an economic system that is much more just and equitable. I knew that the teachings stated this and was familiar with most of the quotations used during the course. However, taking the course gave me reassurance that this process of establishing greater justice and equity is part of humanity’s present endeavors, even though it may be difficult to perceive, both within the Faith and outside of it. Although at times I feel despair for what is happening all over the world, I desperately want change, and taking this course helped renew and increase my hope for the future of all living beings on planet Earth. We humans have the potential to create just societies, but we need a united desire and will to achieve that potential.



Carol Curtis (Majuro, Marshall Islands)

I came to the Marshall Islands in 1969 with the Peace Corp, and since then have lived about 30 years here in the islands located literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We are an atoll nation that will most likely disappear with sea level rise, but right now all is well, and the Bahá’ís here are always happy to be together.

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