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Healing Hearts with Horses (Sustainably!)

Mar 1, 2022
Healing Hearts with Horses (Sustainably!)

Course: Sustainable Development and Human Prosperity (2021)
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Teclemariam-Mesbah

Learning Self-Assessment, Kathy Rutan-Sprague (Redding, California)

First, I learned how to take a challenging, high level class on a very important topic. I learned how to use the Wilmette Institute as a brand new student. My plan for the near future is to take more WI courses. You have presented excellent texts, videos, instructors, and a system layout that can make education accessible to all, on the subjects that really matter. I am filled with hope and amazement.

From this particular course, I have learned that mankind has the ways and means to address all the challenging issues and to bring about a world that can and will survive the present threats to existence. Of course, Bahá’ís know this, but did not know how. It seems clear to me that the obstacles between us and the time of active application of the remedies are needing immediate attention. Some of the obstacles that I am addressing are the ones that cause so much despair and lead to violence.

I am working with others who are passionate about helping humanity, to share my participatory curriculum, and help others become more conscious of themselves as human beings created with, by, and for love. Injured souls who often deny God, also do not know or trust love either. I am working to help injured souls who often deny God to see themselves as beautiful, authentic, and unique with the help of kind horses and a beautiful ranch.

We are getting grants to train others in my curriculum that I call Authenticity Workshops consisting of  four sets of 12 sessions  which we have found successful bringing people into positive relationships with each other. They are creating support groups, learning to present the workshops as well, and  getting paid when they are trained. We are healing the hearts, bringing them from fear and anger to love. We are practicing creating reality with our thoughts and finding that the horses hear our wishes. I can see where this may strengthen the advice to counter every thought of war with a stronger thought of peace. We will be actively applying our thoughts, being loving hearts, healing ourselves and others, and ending manipulation or coercion as a part of leadership.

This has brought me  such joy and connection preparing  hearts this way, and one day soon, those hearts will seek the Glory of God and will be able to hear Him.



Kathy Rutan-Sprague

Lifelong Bahá’í, Retired RN and Flight Instructor. Founder of early social and economic effort Daystar Ranch, using horses to promote conscious awareness in search of love.

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