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“Global to Local Connections”

Jul 30, 2020
Climate Change montage

Course: Climate Change (2020)
Faculty: Christine Muller, Arthur Lyon Dahl, Laurent Mesbah

I feel fortunate to have had access to the educational resources provided in this course. They are authoritative and, at the same time, understandable to the general public. I’ve gained an awareness of the debate surrounding issues of climate change, including how it is presented in the media, which often leads to a distorted view of the reality of climate change. I have a better understanding of the negative impact that climate change is already having on certain areas of the world that people here in the United States are generally not aware of.

The study group and the forum were especially valuable as they enabled me to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others in diverse communities around the world, and to bring this information to discussions that I take part in locally. The course has better prepared me for discussions on this issue and more concrete steps that I can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I created a series of blog posts for Earth Day, plan to get more rain barrels, and have shared – and will continue to share – my ongoing learning with the agriculture groups and other community groups that I participate in.



Dawn Egerton

Dawn Egerton is a former community college instructor of art and design, lives with her family in a small town in North Carolina, and has a passion for growing things. She participates in the coordinating team of the Agriculture Working Group of Association for Bahá’í Studies and a variety of local groups involved in social justice and environmental issues.

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