Gary Colliver

Gary Colliver spent most of his 45 year, multi-faceted career—mountaineering; biological research; US National Park law enforcement, search and rescue, and emergency medicine; and biological/resource management planning—in central California, mostly in Yosemite National Park and other areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He holds a BA in Field Biology (1969) and a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies/Human Ecology (1993). He retired from his last position as a Resource Management Specialist-Planner in Yosemite National Park, in 2007. After retirement, he and his wife, Reva, opened an independent bookstore near their current residence in the foothill town of Mariposa, CA, 45 miles from Yosemite Valley. The bookstore burned down in May 2012.

Starting soon after retirement and as part of his bookstore work, Gary began focusing on climate change: he organized several community meetings on the issue, gave a short presentation to the County Board of Supervisors and gave each Supervisor a copy of a current book on the subject, and facilitated a local interfaith study group using the climate change module prepared for the International Environmental Forum. Now “fully retired”, he continues pursuing his longstanding passion for protecting the integrity of our beautiful Earth’s natural systems and of our diverse human family by being active in his local Bahá’í community, including its participation in Mariposa Open Arms, a faith-based program working with Mariposa’s homeless population, and in promoting a discourse on climate change action in Mariposa County.

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