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Independent Scholar and Adjunct Lecturer at WI

Roger Neyman will speak on “Evolutionary insights from the Bahá’í teachings and their relevance to issues facing humanity.”

Roger has had a lifelong conviction that science and spirituality are both valid and compelling avenues to finding the truth about the world at large and about the human condition. He developed a deep interest in the history of the discourses between the Creationist movement and atheistic neo-Darwinism. The principles of the necessity of independent investigation of the truth and the harmony of science and religion was a starting point towards reconciliation and it was these principles that drew him to the Faith at the age of 43. Since his retirement from a career in Software Engineering in 2012, he has devoted himself to the field of promoting the harmony between science and religion, and, increasingly, to anti-racism discourses within and on behalf of the Bahá’í community.

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