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Agronomist, Researcher

Neil has 35 years of experience with crop-based agriculture and community development. He has worked with agronomy, applied research and rural development in Western Canada and overseas. Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, after high school Neil co-managed the farm for
several years. He worked as a rural developer and systems agronomist in West Africa and Latin
America. He managed the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers’ farmer participatory applied research
program. Neil worked with the government of Alberta for 13 years as a soils and crops
agronomist. Currently, he is a crop specialist with the Agriculture Research and Extension
Council of Alberta and serves on the steering committee with the Rockefeller Foundation
funded Prairie Food Vision Network. Neil has a Bachelor’s degree (crop science) from the
University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s degree (rural social studies and empowerment-
based adult learning) from the University of Regina. Neil is actively involved in Ruhi training

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