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Dean of Education, ebbf, Ethical Business Building the Future

I am a business faculty emeritus at UNC Charlotte, a former professor at University of Manitoba, a former visiting professor at Laval, Thunderbird, INSEAD, HEC, ESCP, EGADE, a former director of MBA programs at UNC Charlotte and Manitoba, and a former president of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association.

My Bahá’í beliefs influenced my research work and interests that spanned a number of areas including human capital, intellectual capital, knowledge management, corporate social responsibility, integrative conflict management, sustainability, environmental management systems, business ethics and corporate governance. As a trainer and consultant, I worked with the World Bank, the Government of Canada, a number of medium and large corporations, and professional accounting organizations. I worked on four continents.

My career was heavily influenced by my Bahá’í beliefs, but the divergence between the predominant assumptions and popular theories and my understanding of the Baha’i Teachings was unsettling. When I joined the Bahá’í inspired Ethical Business Building the Future (ebbf) about seven years ago I associated with so many like-minded people and the experience is unique, enriching, empowering, and fulfilling. I am a pro-bono dean of education of ebbf, and proud to serve and to learn through the unique association with this amazing organization.

My current passion is to learn about and contribute to the evolving conceptual framework in business, management, and organizations, to encourage individuals to become change agents in their own work environment, and to accompany those who are taking large or small steps to apply high moral and spiritual values that transform their organizations to serve society.

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