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Adjunct Professor of Business & Leadership, Sidhu School of Business & Leadership Wilkes University

Thirty seven years of demonstrated and progressive industry experience. This experience includes: (1) international startups in Malaysia, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean; (2) automation and engineering management, (3) small business management; and (4) organization and workforce development.

At present, I have two areas of responsibility. First, I’m a professor of business administration at GCU & Wilkes universities. Second, I’m leading a new startup company called SteadiWare. This firm delivers a unique line of products designed to stop hand tremors while in use by patents with Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremors, and Other similar diseases. While working for others, I’ve been credited with 19 division/outstanding awards and published 64 peer-reviewed internal technical/non-technical papers.

Amongst my past and recent publications are “Ethical Solutions—Creating an ethical and high-performing business community” (2009), “Total Business Excellence—A New Management Model for Operationalizing Excellence” (2016), Textbook on Entrepreneurship (2019), and Next Generation Collaboration using Consultation due to be published in 2021. As to my educational background, I’ve earned a Doctoral degree in Management and organizational leadership, an M.S. degree in Applied Information Management, and a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

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