Photographer, Founder of Cultivating Capacities Non-Profit

I am a professional photographer, graphic and multimedia artist and have lived in Northern Colorado since 1997. In 2015 I formalized a nonprofit grassroots support organization, Cultivating Capacities, in order to offer people of all ages and backgrounds opportunities to develop capabilities, skills and knowledge to effect personal and social transformation.

Currently, I live in Severance, Colorado with my husband Kevin and our four teenagers (two girls and two boys). Throughout the years, we have hosted community building activities such as children’s classes, junior youth & youth gatherings and groups, interfaith devotions and study circles from the Bahá’í-inspired Ruhi Institute. Natural growth of the community building initiatives has evolved into societal discourse and social action initiatives.

I hold the conviction that youth can change the world. For over 10 years I have dedicated myself to accompanying junior youth and youth to navigate today’s challenges and empower them toward personal and social transformation.

In 2017, I discovered Transformative Leadership Developing the Hidden Dimension by Anello, Hernandez and Khadem. Immediately, I contacted Ms. Hernandez to learn more and offer my assistance in promoting Transformative Leadership in my area. Every paragraph I read from Transformative Leadership Developing the Hidden Dimension touched my heart with profound meaning and potency. It is a beautiful framework for systematic and coherent action. I integrated it into all areas of community building initiatives as well as my nonprofit initiatives.

I am integrating Transformative Leadership in a Northern Colorado junior youth group and am currently teaching seminars on Transformative Leadership and photography to middle and high school students called Being the Change through the Lens at Compass Community Collaborative School in Fort Collins, Colorado. My experience implementing the Transformative Leadership model has enabled me to better relationships at all levels; personal, interpersonal and societal. In addition, it has enabled me to better serve youth. I have been witness to seeing young people awaken to their powers of expression and development of capabilities through the celebration of beauty in the world around them and appreciating learning through humility.

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