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Affiliate Faculty, College of Business and Economics, Regis University

I am a qualitative researcher utilizing participatory research to build cohesive communities throughout the world. My doctoral dissertation was on emergency preparedness learning through community radio in North Indian villages.

I incorporated principles of the Bahá’í Faith into my academic work resulting in the development of a new theoretical approach to community-building called the Intecritical Research-To-Innovation Conceptual Framework combining Bahá’í consultation, Critical Theory and the Integral Worlds Approach. Through my work as a Senior Research Fellow at the Trans4m Center for Integral Development in Geneva, Switzerland, I have been able to integrate the universal Bahá’í principles into a variety of diverse thematic areas. My publications include a book entitled: Emergency Preparedness Through Community Cohesion: An Integral Approach To Resilience (Routledge, 2019), in which I apply principles of the Bahá’í Faith to community-building, decision-making and community-based economic enterprise as necessary components of resilience and sustainability. My research interests include community-based economic sustainability, integral research and development and the application of the Bahá’í process of consultation to participatory research. In addition to my work at Wilmette, I teach in the Global Nonprofit Leadership Program, in the Graduate School of Business and Economics at Regis University in Denver Colorado.

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