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Co-Manager, Virtues Project in Ukraine; Rural Development Specialist

Gary is a social and economic development worker living in Ukraine. Combining a PhD in agricultural science with an MBA in management, he managed projects in Central America, Africa, South Asia and the ex-Soviet Union. During the past 20 years, Gary used consultation in his work and teams. While working on the ebbf research team, he authored the brochure “Consultative Decision Making” based on the Bahá’í Writings and his personal experiences both in business, and as a member of Bahá’í consultative bodies in 5 different countries where he lived as a pioneer. His passion is to correlate Bahá’í social principles with current realities in the world and to work for a sustainable future in a united world. As a social activist, he lives on a small farm and runs a residential vacation school for groups of children, youth, and adults striving to build a culture based on universal spiritual principles.

ABS (Association for Bahá’í Studies) 2020 Poster Presentation: Global Governance, Climate Crisis, and Youth

Selected publications:

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