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Assoc. Prof., Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Ceylan Isgor is a faculty member originally from Türkiye. Ceylan holds a PhD in neurosciences from Indiana University, Bloomington IN and has 15+ year experience working in a medical school setting as an academician. She is a published drug addiction researcher and has been a mentor to numerous undergraduate and graduate students. As an educator herself at the college level, she is deeply aware of the work that needs to be carried in increasing representation of Indigenous American students in science careers, particularly in research. She firmly believes that without this pivotal representation, many discoveries that are waiting to be made for the pursuit of human advancement are simply impossible. An avid supporter of women as leaders in science, she commits her efforts in a paradigm shift needed to reassign value and priorities in the field of education in both micro and macro levels. She enjoys being a mom to little Patricia Locke and continues to learn about the rich Indigenous cultures of the Turtle Island, particularly from her husband Kevin.

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