Asst Principal, Mary McCleod Bethune Middle School

I have been an educator in K-12 schools for the past 18 years. I have served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, social and emotional learning coach, and currently serve as a school administrator. All of my work has been in Title I schools with majority populations of Black students who reside in disenfranchised communities. Throughout my career my fundamental mission has been to facilitate schooling experiences that affirm my students’ cultural identity and assist them in identifying, resisting, and contesting dominant narratives around Blackness. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire them to be culturally conscious change agents devoted to the transformation of their communities.

My graduate studies served to inform my practice as they grounded me in theories of critical pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching, public pedagogy, and service learning. These bodies of literature, paired with the teachings of the Baha’i Faith which situate education as one of the fundamental means for fostering the spiritual and material advancement of humanity, provide me with the insight and inspiration necessary to imagine new possibilities for our educational system.

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