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Do You Have All the 2017 Web Talks on Your Calendar?

Apr 27, 2017
Do You Have All the 2017 Web Talks on Your Calendar?
During the remainder of 2017 the Wilmette Institute has eight more Web Talks scheduled for May through December (and a bonus talk in January 2018). Do you have them on your calendar? If not, now is the time to add them. Below is a list of upcoming talks, together with links to the six talks already completed and available on the Institute’s YouTube channel. Web Talks for 2017   Talks for 2018: All Wilmette Institute’s Web Talks are free and open to the public, but they require you to sign up in advance. They will also be available on Facebook and YouTube live (where you do not need to sign up). The Web Talks use a system that transmits audio and video of the speakers and the PowerPoint slides they generally use. Audience members listening to the live broadcast can ask questions by typing them into a “chat” box. Anyone viewing the talk at a later date will hear the questions and answers from the live broadcast. The talks are held on Sundays at 2 p.m. Eastern Time (11 a.m. PT; 7 p.m. in the UK.; 8 p.m. in Western Europe). The 2017 talks and the questions and answers following the talk will be available on the Wilmette Institute YouTube channel some twenty-four hours after the live presentation, where you can also access the Web Talks from 2015 and 2016. The talks now have closed captions that you can access by clicking on “cc” in the lower right corner of the YouTube page.

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