Taking Wilmette Institute Courses for College Credit

The Wilmette Institute is not accredited, but it has a long history of students arranging for credit through their university or college. Since 2000, ten students have arranged for credit at seven different institutions, and altogether they have gotten credit for about sixteen courses.

In 2017, the Wilmette Institute signed an articulation agreement with the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Through United, one of our students was able to take six Wilmette Institute courses for credit, thereby creating a Bahá’í concentration for her Masters degree in Interfaith Chaplaincy. Two of her friends took a course as well. The ongoing agreement specifies that anyone can sign up as a student at United (registration costs about $50) and pay United’s tuition to take a Wilmette Institute course for credit. United will reimburse the Wilmette Institute for teaching the course.

The Wilmette Institute wants to multiply the opportunities for people to take its courses for college, ideally with articulation agreements that include tuition reimbursement. It is also pursuing accreditation, so that it can be a recognized post-secondary educational institution. For advice on taking one of our courses for college credit, scroll to the end of this page, or find more details here: How to Seek College Academic Credit for a Wilmette Institute Course.

Courses Designed for College Credit, Fall Term (September-November):

Screenshot of posrtion of Sustainable Development (2019) Moodle Classrroom page

Courses Designed for College Credit, Winter Term (January-March): TBA

Courses Designed for College Credit, Summer Term (June-August):

Courses that were available for credit through United Theological Seminary

Courses we hope to make available for college credit in the future:

  • Climate Change
  • Introduction to Shí’í Islam
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue

Course Catalog (updates automatically – report errors to wi@usbnc.org)

If You Are a Student:

  1. Examine the list of courses and decide which course you might want to take for credit.
  2. Download the course syllabus.
  3. Complete an Application for Credit form.
  4. Email the completed form to the Director of the Wilmette Institute, Dr. Robert Stockman, at rstockman@wilmetteinstitute.org.
  5. Review a copy of the articulation agreement, which the Director can send you on request.
  6. Approach your advisor or university registrar to find out what they need to accept a Wilmette Institute course.

If You are an Educational Institution:

  • The Wilmette Institute offers courses on Islam, Shi’ism, and Buddhism that anyone can take for credit.
  • It offers important social action courses on climate change, sustainable development, and interfaith dialogue.
  • It seeks partnerships where its courses are accepted for credit and tuition reimbursement is provided.

If You are a University Faculty Member:

  • The Wilmette Institute can provide a speaker who can give presentations via Zoom or Go To Webinar with slides and discussion.
  • We have dozens of faculty with Ph.D.s who can speak about the Bahá’í Faith from a variety of perspectives: religious studies, Middle Eastern studies, literature, sociology, and others.
  • We can provide several different speakers offering different perspectives to a single course.
  • We can offer an entire live web video course to your department or institution.