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Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? 365

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Relationships, Marriage & Family
241 weeks
Weekly Study
Mar 31-Nov 9
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April 5, 2018
Fee: $60 (Individual) $36 each (Group)

You may be uncertain about being in a relationship and also be thinking, “Why get married?” Come explore and learn new perspectives and ways of preparing for positive experiences. Building a relationship can be a natural part of your life journey to establish a close connection with someone. Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? will help you navigate through a coherent process of building a friendship, assessing character, understanding male-female relationships, and being of service. Your learning will position you to make significant decisions about courtship and the broader horizon of marriage.

Please note that this is a self-study course for all ages. Similar content is also in our live, interactive course called Foundations for Relationships, Ages 18-35. If you are in this age range, please consider joining us live and invite others you know from around the world to come too!

Courses are self-guided study with mentoring support from faculty as needed. They do not have group participation unless participants set up a study group. Members of institutions or their agencies that support the health of relationships and marriages in the community are welcome at any time.

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

Single individuals not yet in a relationship or individuals or couples in the early stage of a relationship; can be useful for others doing a relationship well-being check. Note: This course is focused on the early stages of a relationship. For a course on courtship and in-depth marriage preparation, please see "Are We Ready for Marriage?".

What will you learn?
You will learn
Learn about marriage as a divine institution, a fortress for well-being, and build your confidence about moving in this direction.
Explore key aspects of a spiritually-based approach to relationships and courtship.
Assess how your relationship experiences are moving you towards marriage as a goal.
Understand friendship as a foundation element of couple relationships.
Deepen your knowledge of your own character, build your capacity in thoroughly knowing a partner's character, and understand character as a vital part of successful courtships and marriages.
Explore and apply some of the Bahá’í Faith's teachings on choosing a partner, dating, courtship, and sex.
Meet Your Faculty
Rezal Martínez-Gillies, MA, P-RDT
WI Faculty Coordinator; Bahá’í-inspired Therapist & Drama Therapist

I hold a masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy, as well as a bachelors in Theatre with a minor in Psychology. I have further training in the Expressive Arts, and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Mindfulness. As a Drama Therapist I have had the opportunity to empower... See Faculty Bio

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