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The Promised Day is Come

Bahá’í History & Texts
6 weeks
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Mar 4-Apr 14
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March 4, 2021

Shoghi Effendi’s dramatic letter, The Promised Day Is Come, was written in the early months of 1941, while the vast majority of the world’s countries were being drawn into the deadliest conflict in human history. The horrors of World War II could have been averted if humanity had accepted the teachings of Baha’u’llah. However, the Prescription by the Divine Physician had been met with “cold indifference,” and the Central Figures of the Faith had been cruelly persecuted. The World War, then, was both a retributory calamity, punishing the perversity of the human race, and a “cleansing process,” welding the peoples and nations into a single, world-embracing community, and preparing humanity for the future “Most Great Peace.” In this course we will study Baha’u’llah’s proclamations to the world’s rulers and their responses, the recipients of His message and their ensuing humiliation, and how “This process of deterioration. . . is still operating with undiminished force.” Finally, we will reflect on the role each of us must play in “leading humanity out of the valley of misery and shame to the loftiest summits of power and glory.”

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Sherna Deamer, BA
Professional Writer/Editor

Sherna Hough Deamer is a professional writer who became a Bahá’í in Los Angeles in 1978. Within months of enrolling in the Faith she was asked to do public relations work on behalf of the persecuted Baha’is of Iran. She worked in the L.A. Bahá’í Center until 1983, when she... See Faculty Bio

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