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Releasing the Society-Building Powers of Youth

Notice: 10/6/22. Course cancelled. Original scheduled start date was October 8, 2022. Registrants will be notified immediately and refunded by 10/7/22.

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6 weeks
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Jan 1-Feb 12
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January 6, 2022
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Releasing the Society-Building Powers of Youth: Cultivating An Ever-Advancing Civilization seminar is the next course dedicated to empowering youth, 11-17 years, in the three areas of community building: social action, societal discourse, and expansion and consolidation. Youth who have completed Transformative Leadership for Youth are invited to continue on their path of personal and collective transformation as we apply the 6 elements and 18 capabilities of the Transformative Leadership conceptual framework in our personal, interpersonal and social relationships. Youth who are new to Transformative Leadership and who have not yet taken Transformative Leadership for Youth will have a brief introduction to the elements and capabilities of this new model of leadership that fosters unity and justice for the betterment of the community. 

Our learning will be complemented by opportunities to develop and cultivate skills and techniques in multimedia art where we translate new insights, knowledge and our love of Beauty to effect positive organic change in the world around us. Professional artists from diverse backgrounds will accompany youth as they develop and apply these new capabilities through exploration of Baháʼí-inspired approaches and methods being applied in community building initiatives throughout the world.

Youth will continue to develop and initiate grassroots social action initiatives by forming collaborative creative groups, elaborating principle-based vision, and identifying elements and capabilities that will support efforts and will deepen on the dynamic role and society-building power of youth for today.

Baháʼí-inspired social action promotes and applies material progress and spiritual principles toward the betterment of all members of the community and at the same time, “avoids proselytizing” in activities with the “goal  of converting people.”* Our focus will be on cultivating and building grassroots capacity through sustainable initiatives with support, accompaniment and unity through learning, service and art.

* "For the Betterment of the World" page 6

Note on Video conference sessions:
This seminar will offer regular video conference sessions on Saturdays at 10 am Eastern US Time (GMT-5). You can use the Time Zone Converter to check what time that is in your city. (Enter New York (USA) as the city to convert from.)

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

Releasing the Society-Building Powers of Youth is dedicated to youth around the world who strive daily to contribute to the betterment of personal, community, and societal life. Youth, 11-17, who are interested and/or currently involved in Transformative Leadership for Youth, the Ruhi Institute community building process, and/or any social action initiative that builds community through capacity building and service to the common good. This seminar in particular welcomes diverse backgrounds, cultures, and traditions and cultivates the dynamic power of youth cultivating an ever-advancing civilization. For additional information and/or questions, please contact Jessica Kerr at

What will you learn?
You will learn
Engage in a framework for social action that promotes a culture of cooperation, founded on ethical principles and scientific evidence, which is motivated by the search for truth, attraction to beauty and thirst for knowledge.
Bonds of friendship are developed and a culture as Change Agents is nurtured in contribution to personal and collective change through learning, reflection on action and service to society.
Be able to apply the 6 elements of the conceptual framework of Transformative Leadership and some of its 18 capabilities in the area of social action and society discourse.
Utilize basic photography, graphic art and multimedia skills and techniques through projects that illustrate the contents they are learning.
Employ diverse forms of multimedia art, creative writing and journaling to consolidate understanding. Create and design projects that express and translate learning while contributing to personal and social transformation.
Form and implement with accompaniment Change Agent & Creative Learning Group social action plans while strengthening skills for discourse in society.
Create a Change Agent Project that can be shared with family, friends and community.
Meet Your Faculty
Jessica Lani Kamál Kerr
Photographer, Multimedia Artist, founder Cultivating Capacities, GSO (nonprofit) and co-founder, Transformative Leadership Education (nonprofit)

As a professional photographer, graphic and multimedia artist, I have served children, junior youth and youth in Northern Colorado for over 10 years. In that time, learning through hands-on experience in the Ruhi Institute process community-building activities served as a catalyst to form Cultivating Capacities, GSO (grassroots support organization) in... See Faculty Bio

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee studied Accounting and Business Management at the University of Hawaii. Her professional career was in middle management in corporations primarily focused in the construction industry. She has walked the path of service by devoting years of her life to Children’s Classes and the Junior Youth program at the grassroots... See Faculty Bio

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