Philosophy and the Bahá'í Faith

Religion, Theology & Philosophy
7 weeks
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Dec 15-Feb 1
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December 22, 2022

In Philosophy and the Bahá'í Faith, we will explore the relationship between the Bahá'í teachings and many eternal human questions, such as metaphysics (the system of principles underlying a particular study or subject), religion and spirituality, epistemology (how we know something), ethics, social philosophy, aesthetics and self-expression, and the philosophy of law, education, politics, love, and humanity.

Meet Your Faculty
Mikhail Yu. Sergeev, PhD
University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Mikhail Sergeev (Ph.D. in religious studies from Temple University, 1997) is a religion, philosophy, and modern art historian. He has served as an editor of the book series Contemporary Russian Philosophy at Brill Publishers in the Netherlands (2016–2019) and as chair of the Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Theology at the... See Faculty Bio

Harold Rosen, MA
Community Interfaith Educator

I am a lifelong student and teacher of world religions with master’s degrees in religion, education and philosophy. A Unitarian minister for 25 years and a Bahá’í since the year 2000, I serve as a Community Interfaith Educator in the Vancouver, Canada area. With my wife Wendy, I am active in Bahá’í... See Faculty Bio

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