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Reconstructing Blackness: Anti-Racism and Unity in the US

Explore the construction and vitality of Blackness from a uniquely Baha'i perspective.

Social Transformation
15 weeks
Weekly Study
8-10 HRS
Jan 31-May 13
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February 5, 2022

Join this online 3-credit spring course—and explore how creating an anti-racist society requires the re-construction of race and Blackness in America. Explore significant manifestations of racism, uncover the root causes of how society constructed Blackness, and address systems of advantage and disadvantage that have defined inequitable access to resources, knowledge and opportunity. 

This course is taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels for GTU and UC Berkeley students and will examine: 

Constructions of Race | Racism & Technology
Black Women in the U.S. | Environmental Racism & Gentrification
Constructive Resilience | Prison Industrial Complex
Community Building | Reparations

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“This course has made me realize that principles of humanity’s oneness, constructive resilience, and consultation are crucial components of the multimodal solutions for racism. Before this course, I had perhaps relied too much on principles of individualism and competition to construct my activism. However, Baha’i perspectives reveal that lasting power is forged through unity, which benefits all."

- Stephen, GTU Master’s student

Meet Your Faculty
Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, PhD
Professor, Miami University, Oxford, OH

One of my primary research goals/passions is to uncover and restore the history of African American women in the Bahá’í Faith. Many courageous black women made significant contributions from the very beginning. Knowing their life stories empowers us all. Another goal/passion is to help African American youth obtain a college... See Faculty Bio

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