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Foundations for Relationships (Ages 26-35+)

Note: Course postponed indefinitely. Explore the Bahá’í teachings and their practical application for healthy relationships and marriage!

Relationships, Marriage & Family
8 weeks
Weekly Study
Jan 6-Mar 2
Register By
January 11, 2022
Fee: $50 ($25 for students)

Notice: This course is for adults aged 26-35+ years. A parallel course is being held at the same time for young adults aged 18-25. See Foundations for Relationships, Ages 18-25.

Adults ages 26-35+ are invited to gather in videoconference study groups* to explore the Bahá’í teachings and their practical application for healthy relationships and marriage! Personal study and group meetings will aid you in learning about your own and a partner’s character, building a friendship, understanding your expectations and what’s important to you in a partner, being a couple, interacting with parents, and forming a healthy marriage.

* Participants will be grouped according to their time zone/availability. All of the participants will be polled before the meeting times are confirmed.

Course Fees: $25 for students or for participants from developing countries; additional funding support available to participants from developing countries based on request. Email us at:

Individuals in their late 30s and older are welcome to study similar content in the self-study course “Thinking of Relationships and Marriage”.

Please watch our Summer 2021 video below.

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

This course is for single individuals to prepare themselves for a relationship. Couples in a relationship may also find the course very helpful in ensuring they are headed in a direction that is healthy and happy for them. Once couples are very serious, they can also benefit from taking our course on in-depth marriage preparation: "Are We Ready for Marriage?"

Meet Your Faculty
Alex Blakeson, MsEd
WI On Demand/365 Coordinator, Family Coach

The progress and development of the individual, family, community and society through education—human, spiritual and material—has been my life\'s work since age 16. Following my formal graduate work in education and service at the Bahá’í National Center in the 1990s, my focus on marriage and family life education and coaching... See Faculty Bio

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