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Enhancing Love, Friendship, and Service in Your Marriage 365

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Relationships, Marriage & Family
184 weeks
Weekly Study
May 2-Nov 9
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May 7, 2019
Fee: $50 (Individual) $30 each (Group)

In happy marriages, couples are intimate and loving companions who know each other well and who provide thoughtful service to each other. However, the press of busy lives can unconsciously lessen your connection. Engaged and married couples will deepen your understanding of each other with practical tools related to friendship, love, and service. You will choose couple practices to have as the culture of your marriage that enhance your unity and help you serve each other, your families, and outward to others.

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

We encourage you to invite your friends, relatives, and community members to this course. We also encourage groups to form to study this course, which could be a couple or some friends.

What will you learn?
You will learn
To strengthen your ability to practice friendship, love, service, and unity in your marriage.
Meet Your Faculty
Rezal Martínez-Gillies, MA, P-RDT
WI Faculty Coordinator; Bahá’í-inspired Therapist & Drama Therapist

I hold a masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy, as well as a bachelors in Theatre with a minor in Psychology. I have further training in the Expressive Arts, and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Mindfulness. As a Drama Therapist I have had the opportunity to empower... See Faculty Bio

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