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Cultivating Capabilities of Transformative Leadership

Experience in more than 40 countries, using this program in the fields of education, public health, youth leadership and others, has shown the impact that it can have on participants of many different cultures and ages.

Social Transformation
8 weeks
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Nov 8-Jan 2
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November 13, 2023

Building an ever-advancing civilization calls for action imbued with concepts, skills, attitudes, and qualities that contribute to personal transformation and positive social change. People from all backgrounds, cultures and traditions long for a world filled with justice, peace, and unity. The world is tired of words. 

Cultivating Capabilities of Transformative Leadership, the second course of the Transformative Leadership series, offers participants continued collaborative support in the development and application of the 18 capabilities of the conceptual framework. We develop and use these capabilities to enhance our personal transformation, improve relationships, and contribute more effectively to social transformation.

Requirement for Participation: Participants get the most out of this course when they have studied and applied the first 4 chapters of Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension.  An ideal way of doing this is through the Wilmette Institute course “Cultivating Transformative Leadership”.  Other options include studying these chapters with friends or reading them on your own."

Course Text: Core text for the course: Chapters 5 – 8 of Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension by Eloy Anello, Joan Hernandez, May Khadem (2014). Please purchase this course textbook, either in paper or as an e-book: Amazon print or ebook.

There are complementary books that delve more deeply into some specific capabilities, such as: Giving Love and Encouragement, The Benefits of Unity in Diversity, How to Design Dynamic Learning Sessions, and Results–Based Leadership, which focuses on formulating a principle-based vision. These are optional.

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

The course is especially useful to those who are involved in social action or participating in the discourse of society. Participants are required to have studied and applied the first 4 chapters of "Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension" either through completing the Wilmette Institute course “Cultivating Transformative Leadership” or an equivalent study.

What will you learn?
You will learn
Enhance your process of personal transformation by developing capabilities such as self-evaluation, learning from reflection on experience, systemic thinking, initiative, and self-discipline.
Improve your relationships by applying capabilities such as imbuing thoughts and actions with love, giving encouragement, using effective consultation, and constructing unity in diversity.
Contribute more effectively to social transformation by acquiring capabilities that contribute to the establishment of justice, transforming dominating relationships, empowering educational activities, and guiding the formulation of a principle-based vision.
Establish a plan for deepening in the capabilities and strengthening your practice in the family or a specific institution.
Meet Your Faculty
Joan (Juanita) Hernandez, MA
Author, Transformative Leadership Educator

I consider myself a world citizen. I was born and grew up in the United States, becoming a Bahá’í as a university student. Immediately after graduating, I moved to Guatemala as a pioneer. Then, in 1990 I moved to Bolivia, where I began my work with Nur University. During my... See Faculty Bio

Carl C. Ewing

I am a registered Architect and have a background in Civil Engineering. I am married and have two children, two grandchildren and four great grandchildren. My wife and I currently live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. My first contact with Transformative Leadership was in the early 1980’s when I was... See Faculty Bio

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