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Tips for Sustainable Living

Car pool—making the extra effort

Therefore strive that your actions day by day may be beautiful prayers.


We car pool because it is fun to ride together, but sometimes it can be inconvenient. Should we make an extra effort to car pool? Yes! Why does it matter? Car emissions are causing local air pollution that can lead to serious diseases such as asthma, lung and heart disease, and cancer, but the problem is even bigger: People all over the world are affected by our car emissions: Farmers (especially in Africa and India), all the people living on small islands and low-lying coastal areas, poor people everywhere, and all future generations.

car share multiple people

How come? The carbon dioxide emitted from cars contributes to the warming of the Earth which causes the climate to change. Climate change already affects people’s lives everywhere: It causes crops to wither in drought, food prices to climb, exacerbates malnutrition, people to die in more severe heat waves, wildfires, floods, and increasingly stronger storms.

Climate change also augments already existing social problems which can lead to conflict and violence. More and more people have to leave their homes and become refugees in their own country or abroad. Collectively, our small individual actions

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