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Candace Moore Hill Retires

Jun 1, 2022
Candace Moore Hill Retires

The Wilmette Institute is immensely grateful to, and expresses its tearful goodbye to, Candace Moore Hill, who retired on May 28.

Candace was hired in 2010 part time to assist the Wilmette Institute with the setup of its courses, something that at the time only the Director knew how to do. The steady increase in the number of courses and the need to publicize them and assist students with registration, payments, and access to the course made it impossible for one person to run everything, and Candace was organized and meticulous. Her first task was to review courses for their user-friendliness and to make them more attractive by adding images.  Year by year, Candace learned new tricks for making the courses easier to use and she passed them on to the faculty, whom she trained. She also took a series of courses from Quality Matters about how to set up online courses and, above all, how to make sure they are accessible to people with various disabilities. She was a tireless researcher for faculty looking for videos and readings to supplement their courses. In the last year she has passed her insights on to Justin Scoggin, who has drafted a Guide for Course Designers and Instructors. The faculty will miss her wise experience.

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