Anne Pearson

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Anne Pearson lives in Dundas, which is now part of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. She has been a Bahá’í for some 40 years. She is a former member of the Association for Bahá’í Studies (North America) executive committee and of the Journal of Bahá’í Studies editorial board. In addition to Bahá’í activities, Anne is involved in several community organizations, including interfaith ones. She holds a PhD in religious studies and has taught a wide variety of courses in the Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University. Her area of specialty is Hinduism (about which she has published a book and many articles—including on women in Hinduism). Anne has also taught other South Asian religions, as well as courses on gender, nonviolence, and ecology as they relate to religion. She has been a Wilmette Institute instructor for a number of years, principally with courses that have to do with Buddhism, Hinduism, gender and equality, and interfaith dialogue.

Anne has lived in several countries—including India for over 5 years—where, among other things, she worked with a women’s peace movement. Anne notes: “What a fascinating world we have, even while beset by so many challenges! Meanwhile, my three daughters have grown up, so it is now much quieter in our household with my philosopher husband and our cats.”

Listen to Anne’s interview on Bahá’í radio

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